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Water vapor combined with environmentally friendly substances generates an exothermic reaction that frees the soil from parasites and weeds.

Bioflash preserves useful microorganisms and does not contain substances harmful to humans and to the environment.

The BIOFLASH System, in detail

The BIOFLASH system optimizes steam production and reduces consumption using special precautions. Above all, it introduces something completely new: the introduction of a substance into the soil of a substance (for example, potassium hydroxide KOH – calcium oxide CaO – Zeolites – etc.) that is completely compatible with the soil itself as well as with the subsequent crop, able to react exothermically in contact with the steam, releasing an additional amount of energy useful for heating the soil. The exothermic reaction has several positive effects for effective sterilization:

  • It favors the achievement of a higher soil temperatures;
  • It prolongs soil heating over time;
  • It has a very important additional effect of eliminating parasites and pests.

The substance that reacts exothermically is chosen in such a way as to be useful to the soil to be sterilized and to the foreseen crops. For example, it can intervene to correct some chemical-physical characteristics of the soil (pH, for example) and can introduce nutrients to the soil that are lacking, which can be useful to the cultivated plant (for example, K + potassium for strawberries). Furthermore, the substances that can be used for the treatment do not pollute the soil.

What treatment can BIOFLASH be compared to?

There are many similarities with milk pasteurization treatment. A product can be purified without depleting it at the nutritional level by using modest treatment temperatures for sufficiently long periods of time. BIOFLASH aims at doing the same thing: it intervenes on the soil without depleting it

What are the results?

Fight against nematodes

The experimental results demonstrate an extraordinary effectiveness of the treatment (up to 90% of Nematodes eliminated with one treatment – see 3 photos. This is due to the deep action of the treatment and the in depth FLASH effect (instantaneous with a very short heat wave, as explained below).

Control of the infesting flora

The experimental results, obtained by monitoring a good number of highly diffused weeds, showed a reduction of up to 70% in weight of the weeds developed after treatment with respect to the untreated soil. This is a particularly interesting result considering that BIOFLASH is a strong herbicide in specific cases. It acts as an ecological herbicide.

At the phytoiatric level

In addition to the reduction of the phenomenon of Nematodes, other important results were obtained. For example, the treatment of the so-called rot of the salad collar (Sclerotinia Minor) has shown excellent results. This suggests the applicability of the system to numerous plant diseases, greatly extending its application field.


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