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TIGER 280P (T280P) Folding rotary tiller

HP 180-280   KW 132-206
Fresatrice pieghevole TIGER 280P

NOTE: The straight tine rotors and the front sod breaking discs are supplied on request

Technical specifications and standard equipment

  • Maximum Horsepower: 280 HP (206 KW)
  • PTO: 2-speed gearbox for 1000 rpm, No. of teeth: 16-29 = 284 rpm; 17-28 = 310 rpm
  • Side gear drive
  • 3rd category 3-point hitch
  • Swinging lower hitches
  • Central blade
  • Rear tailgate, adjustment by threaded bar
  • Leveling rollers, adjustment by hydraulic rams
  • L-shaped tines: 80×8 mm (6 blades each flange, side blades leaning inwards)
  • Max. working depth 25 cm
  • Side drive shafts with automatic safety device S.10
  • Central drive shaft S.10
  • Rear lights for road transport
  • Safety devices
  • High safety guards

Optional accessories

  • 1000 rpm PTO with 2-speed gearbox No. of teeth: 16-29 = 284 rpm; 13-32 = 208 rpm
  • Oil cooling kit for central gearbox with reservoir
  • Oil cooling kit for side gearboxes with reservoir
  • Hitch with 4-ram lifting (mod.550)
  • C-shaped blades
  • C-shaped blades or L-shaped blades 10 mm thick
  • Double welded flange rotor with 10 mm thick blades
  • Rotor with quick blade (10 mm thick) release system
  • Rear rollers
  • Counter-flanges (one kit each flange)
  • Pair of front sod breaking discs
  • Floating system kit (only for single ram lifting)
  • Front track eraser (1 tine) for partly completed machine only (add 3rd category extended swinging hitch)
  • Front track eraser (2 tines) for partly completed machine only (add 3rd category extended swinging hitch)
  • 3rd category extended swinging hitch
  • Tailgate hydraulic adjustment
  • Oiled inner sides
  • Bed former version
  • BIO Version

Our strengths

The Tiger 280P is an HC (High Clearance) machine, which means that it provides a large space between the blades and the bottom of the rotary tiller frame. This guarantees very limited clogging even in difficult conditions (sticky soil, abundant crop residue). Thanks to this particular configuration, power absorption always remains within reasonable limits, allowing an economically advantageous use of the equipment. 1) The central frame is one of the critical points of all folding machines. Celli has created a central structure that is unmatched on the market. The main project goal was to design a structure capable of maintaining great torsional rigidity even after years of work, so that all moving parts could always operate in the best conditions. 2) The structure of the two side shift rotary tillers is equally robust and has been thoroughly tested. 3) The transmission parts have undergone thousands of hours of testing under the most varied conditions. This is a direct descendant of the Tiger 190 rotary tiller, one of Celli’s most successful models. 4) The most important feature of Celli folding rotary tillers is the very small space left between the two units. In fact, a typical problem of this type of machine is the track that often remains in the soil, due to an area in the middle that is not covered between the two rotary tillers. In Celli machines, the space between the two machines has been reduced to 5 mm. In addition, two well-shaped front tines help to lift and side shift the soil. 5) Even the rotors have been tested for thousands of hours in the most difficult working conditions all over the world. 6) The rear rollers have a large diameter (500 mm for cage models, 555 mm for packer models) to ensure smooth operation and excellent leveling, even in wet conditions. 7) Four hydraulic jacks are used to adjust the rear rollers. This allows the working depth to be varied without having to stop working. 8) The rear fans are articulated to allow a wide range of adjustments and optimal operation of the machine in all soil conditions. 9) Hydraulic adjustment is used for the rear fan (supplied as standard). This allows quick control of the degree of soil finishing without having to interrupt operation. The regulation system provides a shock absorption system with spring. 10) Like all other Celli folding machines, the Tiger 280P is also equipped with locking valves on the lifting jacks. This prevents half units from falling in the event of a hydraulic hose breakage during machine closing or opening phases. 11) Once the machine is closed, the locking mechanism using hooks automatically activates. It can be activated quickly and safely at the time of reopening by a hydraulic control of the tractor. 12) Counter-flanges can be mounted on the rotors, together with thickened blades on request. This guarantees greater resistance in the case of particularly hard or rocky soil. 13) The Tiger 280P is equipped with a category 3 oscillating hitch that guarantees the robustness necessary to safely maneuver the machine both in the field and, folded, on the road.

Available version BIO

Bio version
Fresatrice pieghevole TIGER 280P BIO


Folding rotary tiller
HP 180-280   
KW 132-206

Ideal for:

Working with tractors above 190 HP  ·  Working soil in depth  ·  Preparing large fields quickly  ·  Preparing seedbeds  ·  Breaking up the hardest soil  ·  Eliminating soil compacting  ·  Burying abundant crop residue  ·  Getting the right degree of soil finishing according to specific needs  ·  Carrying equipment on the roads without risks  ·  

Bed former version available

Interrasassi pieghevoli: versione con baulatore

Folding rotary tillers: version with bed former

Folding rotary tiller

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