Celli Spa

Sometimes it happens that we are requested to provide some figures to better position Celli Company in the field of soil tillage:

Celli Spa is located in the industrial area of Forlì and our production plant covers an area of 10,000 square meters on a total of 20,000 square meters. Celli S.p.A. holds a commercial branch in South Korea.

  • Celli has a total of 50 employees
  • Celli manufactures about 3,500 units per year
  • Celli has manufactured more than 100,000 units since 1955
  • Celli’s product catalogue includes 10 different product families with 65 machine models
  • Celli distributes its products in more than 30 foreign countries and its export turnover is about 60% of the total company turnover
  • Celli has renewed the 40% of its range in the last 5 years
  • Celli has been Quality System Certified by ISO 9001 since 1998


Celli was founded in 1955 by Alfredo Celli in order to build quality machines for tillage. From the first model manufactured in a very limited number, up to the professional machinery manufactured today we have progressed quite a lot!

Our company’s development has followed that of the agricultural mechanization sector, a field in which the name Celli has always stood for quality, innovation and commercial fairness.

Since those pioneering beginnings we have manufactured more than 100,000 units. Today, over 500 customers in 30 foreign countries market Celli products, supplying big and small users working in the most varied conditions. The company has been growing constantly over the years reaching its current dimension.

We manufacture about 3,500 units per year, our range includes 65 different models suitable for tractors between 20 and 320 HP. Our production plant covers an area of 20,000 square metres and Celli counts 50 employees.


Celli plays a leading role in the Italian and European sector of agricultural machinery manufacturers, and over the years it has become the absolute leader in many segments of the Italian market of soil tillage machinery.

If we had to sum up in few words what we want to be on the market we would say that, first and foremost, we want to be recognised as SPECIALISTS. We believe that trying to make too many things at the same time (which is rather common nowadays) prevents companies from achieving good results in terms of product development and quality.

This strategy has allowed us to offer a WIDE RANGE which is very complete and has few competitors on the market.

Another crucial point is the presence on the market, which is represented not only by the products, but also by the sales personnel, the after-sales service and the whole company’s staff.

We have always aimed at building a SERIOUS, SOLID AND DYNAMIC COMMERCIAL PRESENCE and creating LONG TERM PARTNERSHIPS, because we know that working with professionalism and patience will always pay off.

A new team of experts has been working at Celli’s for the last three years on an INNOVATIVE PROJECT for soil ecological disinfection machinery, based on an exclusive patented technology that will lead to excellent results at competitive costs.

With this line of products Celli enters the flourishing market of ecological equipment.


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