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MAXI and STORM, two operations in a single step

The combined solution made up by a MAXI fixed power harrow with a STORM pneumatic seeder represented one of the most interesting innovations displayed by Celli at Eima show. This machine carries out two types of work (ground working and seeding) in a single step, guaranteeing saving in terms of fuel consumption, time and resources to the operator for a more sustainable cultivation of the land.

This combined machine is designed for all extensive cultivation of cereals, fodder and rapeseed – both for local and export markets –and allows the sowing at 3 possible interrow distances, starting from 12.5 cm. The large hopper (1300 lt) with 2 or 4 distributors, does not prevent the seeder from being extremely compact to minimize the weight on the hitch and reducing soil compaction.

The distributors are operated electrically and controlled by the X4 seeding monitor, which allows the operator to vary the seed quantities quickly, setting the desired value, and to control the sowing flow for each section. STORM 1300 can also be upgraded into an ISOBUS machine and controlled from the terminal of the tractor.

The MAXI fixed power harrow has been completely redesigned to support a seeder with a capacity of 2 cubic meters and to ensure easy transport. The box-shaped frame in thick welded sheet metal ensures maximum rigidity and therefore perfect alignment of the transmission parts in all working conditions while the robust transmission and moving elements are designed for better wear resistance and smoother soil flow through the machine.

The machine displayed at EIMA had a working width of 3 metres, but the combination with the pneumatic seeder can potentially match entire range of Celli power harrows, folding ones included.

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