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CELLI mulchers – the family gets bigger

This year we have added 2 new models, which contribute to allow us to offer one of the most comprehensive product ranges within the industry.

Trinciatrice Celli MIRA reversibile

New Mira Model

With double rotor, suitable for most demanding applications, where abundant pruning are piled up within orchards rows. Pick-up rotor, which is hydraulically driven, conveys pruning inside the frame. All pruning are pulverised by the heady duty hammers rotor (con mazze da 1,8 Kg.).

A special buttonhole net keeps pruning inside the chopping area, thus pulverising them to 35 mm. Mira mulcher can be fitted front and rear to the tractor (reversible).

Trinciatrice Celli TAURUS

The new Taurus model

has been designed for semi-forestal application. The front mouth is rather high, thus allowing bigger wood logs (up to 15 cm. Ø) to get through inside the chopping area. The heavy duty hammer rotor can bear very high torque, and the side transmission with 5 belts allow a constant high rotation speed (2.380 rpm).

We have also gone through a general product up-date for all models:

Trinciatrice Celli VEGA

Mulcher model Sirio (replaces TCB model)

available both as side-shift and fixed version, has been improved becoming now more reliable but also more versatile. The 3 point hitch has a round shape, and so is the main body, thus avoiding any hindrance to branches of vineyards and orchards. Furthermore Sirio is also available with open-able rear door for easier maintenance and inspection.

Trinciatrice Celli VEGA

Mulcher model VEGA (replaces TX model)

available both as side-shift and fixed version, hasn’t gone through major modifications, with the exception of the round 3 point hitch. Vega has proved to be very versatile for many applications in vineyards and orchards. Even though it is rated for tractors up to 70HP, its hammers are very heavy, hence it is suitable for pruning up to Ø 4 cm.

Trinciatrice Celli MIZAR: lato anteriore

Mulche model Mizar (replaces TCE/TC1 model)

available both as side-shift and fixed version, is a completely new machine, with a new frame (very reliable, with double section sheet), new rotor (Ø 425 mm), and a new gearbox, suitable for tractors up to 85HP. As an option, it can be supplied with open-able rear door, hence it can be used both for orchards application as well as for greens and municipality applications.

Trinciatrice Celli TS

Mulcher model TS

both fixed and side shift version, is designed for stalks, with a very high frame to absorb abundant residues. Version 2009 has a heavier frame.

Trinciatrice Celli TSP

Mulcher model TS/P (folding)

features a much heavier 3 point hitch than previous one. Furthermore, now it can be equipped with an hydraulic central header, which eliminates the strip of not tilled soil usually left between the 2 units. TS/P model is designed for stalks as well as grass.

Trinciatrice Celli GEMINI

Reversible mulcher model Gemini (replaces TTS model)

hasn’t been modified at all, since it has proved to be extremely reliable both for set-aside applications as well as green and municipality applications. The double frame and the heavy duty rotor allow any type of operation.

Trinciatrice Celli TC L Trincia

Side-mulcher model Libra (replaces TC/L model)

has been improved for the safety and adjustment features. A new series of heavy duty side-mulchers (Pegasus) will be developed from the experience drawn from this new model. Keep an eye on Celli web-site to know more about developments of Celli mulchers.

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