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Elettra, pronta per sbarcare in Australia

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Initially designed for the Latin American market, Elettra is a machine designed for the preparation of pineapple cultivated land.

In this type of cultivation, once the harvest is finished, producers need to uproot the plant from the soil, shred the stem and leaves to facilitate rapid decomposition and absorption into the soil; in this way, coarse residues are also prevented from being infected by parasites, such as “stable flies” (Stomoxys calcitrans).

The peculiarity of Elettra lies in the fact that it is equipped with a system of two integrated rotors: the first allows the plant to be eradicated from the ground and the second to shred it, leaving a bed of finely chopped residues. In this way it is possible to carry out two different processes in a single pass, making the work more efficient and less wasteful in terms of resources and time compared to the classic methodology.

The Elettra innovation was patented by Celli who in recent years has continued to test the machine with excellent results in Costa Rica and Colombia.

Elettra is also ready to land in Australia: in cooperation with Farmgard, Celli’s partner in this country, the Elettra project has been applied to that context. The development phase of the machine is being completed right now, with tests on various plantations and lands. Once the latest feedback has been collected, Elettra will be ready to make its official arrival on the Australian market. But not only that: it is in fact suitable for pineapple crops also present in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

This is a significant achievement for Celli which once again demonstrates that it has an important role in the market, offering quality solutions for soil processing in agriculture.

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