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Le vangatrici Celli per una lavorazione di qualità del terreno

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Vangatrice G190

The last part of the year represents one of the ideal moments for the soil preparation, in particular for the spading, having moisty soils and free from plantation. In this sector too, Celli offers different technological solutions thanks to its range of spading machines, ideal to operate even in extreme wet conditions and in heavy fields, eliminating the plowing sole to obtain better drainage and aeration of the soil, without however compacting it or overturning the clump completely.

These are extremely reliable machines, designed and manufactured to be long lasting: reinforced frame, extremely rigid crank mechanism for a better functioning of the shaft that regulates the motion of the spades and an anti-clogging conformation, makes the Celli spading machines ideal for many types of grounds.

Among them, the flagship model, as well as the largest model (it reaches a width of 3.5 meters), is the G190, now also available in the new version with removable crank mechanism which, in the event of breakage, allows to intervene directly to the connecting rod to be replaced, with a considerable simplification and a reduction in maintenance time.

In this model the working depth (approx. 40 cm) can also be adjusted hydraulically by acting the wheel’s rams, directly from the tractor cab. Finally, the G190 is characterized by an oil lubrication that avoids long daily maintenance and greasing operations. There is also the GR190 version, equipped with rear rippers that allow to reach a working depth of about 60 cm.

The range of spading machines is completed by the X40 models (suitable for viticulture and gardening), Y70 (for greenhouse and orchard processing) and Z90, which compared to the first two can be combined with tractors of greater power (up to 90 HP).

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