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Trinciatrici laterali: il punto di forza è la versatilità

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The wide Celli range also includes ideal solutions for the maintenance of ditches, roadsides, rushes, uncultivated areas, meadows and gardens, which are routine at this time of year: we are talking about side mulchers such as PEGASUS and VIRGO, with maneuverable dimensions and at the same time designed and studied in order to provide operators with many solutions for as many operating situations.

This is thanks to the geometry of their connection to the tractor, with a box positioned externally to the machine which allows a very wide movement of the mulcher group, while maintaining a reduced angle of the cardan shaft. The double parallelogram arm allows the machine to work from the central position up to a more decentralized position of 3 meters and beyond, with a movement controlled by a hydraulic ram; in this way, PEGASUS and VIRGO can easily reach areas where tractor operation is limited due to height or the presence of obstacles.

At the same time, an overturning mechanism, in turn hydraulically controlled, allows the mulcher to work along roadsides or watercourse banks, operating in positions ranging from 90° (vertical) up to 65° beyond the normal horizontal position; the same mechanism allows these mulchers to remain locked in an upright position for road transport.

Finally, PEGASUS and VIRGO are equipped with a mechanical safety system which also acts as a self-leveling device, allowing the machine to lift itself if it encounters an obstacle or to better follow the contours of the terrain, when necessary.

PEGASUS has a working width ranging from 175 to 250 cm. and can operate with tractors up to 110 HP; VIRGO has smaller dimensions (from 150 to 180 cm.) and can handle powers up to 70 HP.

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