X40 Spading machine

HP 20-40   KW 15-29

X40 spading machine suitable for vineyard and garden applications.

The X40 can be used for tractors with up to a 40 HP maximum power range. Spading machines are known for solving deep soil processing problems in conditions that would be prohibitive for other tools. These machines eliminate bottom soil hardpan (deep layer of compacted soil), thus improving the deep circulation of water and aeration of the soil. Since these machines do not require any traction efforts, they can be used without issue in wet ground conditions and on sloping ground. They also reduce erosion by keeping the size of the clods at a medium level. The X40 is a simple, well-sized and reliable machine that can also be used in hard soil conditions. The rod/crank gear mechanism can be lubricated with grease. Moving part disassembly for maintenance and repair work is extremely fast. The sides of the machines and safety devices have been completely redesigned to improve the flow of soil during operation and limit the risk of clogging.

Technical specifications and standard equipment

  • maximum horsepower: 40 HP (29 KW) PTO: 4-speed gearbox for 540 rpm
  • grease used for lubrication
  • Cat. 1 3-point hitch
  • working depth adjustment by skids
  • spades: 180×148 mm
  • rear tailgate with leveling flap
  • drive shaft without safety device
  • safety devices

Optional accessories

  • Drive shaft with shear bolt
  • Drive shaft with clutch
  • Extended hitch kit
  • Resting feet kit
  • Rear rake (replacing tailgate)

Ideal for:

  • Working with small tractors
  • Working soil in depth
  • Tillling soil in orchards and vineyards
  • Eliminating soil compacting
  • Burying abundant crop residue
  • Carrying equipment on the roads without risks
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