ERGON 200PF (N200PF) Folding frangor

HP 120-200   KW 88-146

NOTE: Hydraulic adjustment for rollers is supplied on request

Technical specifications and standard equipment

  • maximum horsepower: 200 HP (146 KW)
  • PTO: 2-speed gearbox for 1000 rpm
  • gear side transmission
  • Cat. 2 3-point hitch
  • swinging front hitches
  • central blade
  • rear tailgate adjustment by pins
  • cage rollers ø 440 mm adjustment by threaded bar
  • teeth: 30×30 mm L=170 mm
  • max. working depth 18 cm
  • side drive shafts with clutch safety device
  • Central drive shaft S.8 L=761 mm tractor side 1”3/8 Z=21
  • rear lights for road transport
  • removable safety devices

On request

  • Oil cooling kit for central gearbox with reservoir
  • Straight tines rotor
  • Rear rollers
  • Front sod breaking discs
  • Floating system kit
  • Front track eraser
  • 3-point hitch cat.3
  • Extended swinging hitch cat. 2
  • Extended swinging hitch cat. 3
  • Hydraulic roller adjustment with block valves
  • Rotor kit for transforming a Frangor into a tiller gear kit in order to transform a Frangor into a tiller NB: Both kits must be ordered to be able to complete the transformation

Ideal for:

  • Working with large tractors
  • Working with tractors above 190 HP
  • Working in rocky soil
  • Working soil in depth
  • Preparing large fields quickly
  • Breaking up the hardest soil
  • Eliminating soil compacting
  • Carrying equipment on the roads without risks

* L-shaped inner blades

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