RANGER Fixed power harrow

HP 50-130   KW 37-96

NOTE: The roller hydraulic adjustment kit is supplied on request

Technical specifications and standard equipment

  • maximum horsepower: 130 HP (96 KW)
  • PTO: 540 rpm 1 speed: 324 rpm
  • swinging front hitches
  • Cat. 2 3-point hitch
  • adjustable roller with pins
  • tines 90x12x285 mm: working depth about 28 cm
  • mobile side plates
  • drive shaft with shear bolt, S.8 L=893 mm, tractor side, 1”3/8 Z=6
  • removable safety devices

On request

  • 4-speed gearbox for 540 rpm PTO
  • 2-speed gearbox for 1000 rpm PTO
  • Rear PTO 540-1000 rpm for gearbox
  • Rear rollers
  • Rear leveling bar H=120 mm with threaded bar adjustment
  • Rear leveling bar H=160 mm with threaded bar adjustment
  • Counterplate kit
  • Stone protector kit for rotor
  • Counterplate kit + rotor stone protector
  • Hydraulic kit for roller adjustment
  • Front track eraser
  • Set-up for front fitting (models 250-300)
  • Front mounting kit with wheels (model 250-300) (it is only mounted only if the front attachment is set up for it)
  • Rear hydraulic hitches for seeder
  • Front leveling bar
  • Drive shaft with clutch safety device
  • Drive shaft with automatic safety device

Ideal for:

  • Working with large tractors
  • Working with tractors above 190 HP
  • Cultivating heavy and sticky soil
  • Working in rocky soil
  • Working soil in depth
  • Preparing large fields quickly
  • Preparing seedbeds
  • Eliminating soil compacting
  • Getting the right degree of soil finishing according to specific needs
  • Carrying equipment on the roads without risks
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