GO Fixed power harrow

HP 40-80   KW 29-59

Technical specifications and standard equipment

  • maximum horsepower: 80 HP (59 KW)
  • PTO: 540 rpm 1 speed: 319 rpm
  • swinging front hitches
  • Cat. 2 3-point hitch
  • cage roller Ø 385 mm up to mod. 225 Ø 440 mm for mod.250
  • adjustable roller with pins
  • tines 90x10x260 mm: working depth about 26 cm
  • mobile side plates
  • drive shaft with shear bolt, S.6 L=1020 mm, tractor side, 1”3/8 Z=6
  • welded safety devices

On request

  • 4-speed gearbox for 540 rpm PTO
  • High PTO position gearbox
  • Rear rollers
  • Rear leveling bar adjustment by pins
  • Rear leveling bar adjustment by threaded bar
  • Hydraulic kit for roller adjustment
  • Front track eraser
  • Counterplate kit
  • Stone protector kit
  • Counterplate kit + rotor stone protector
  • The power harrow can be combined with the MARTE seeder

Fixed power harrow

All standard machines are supplied with low PTO position gearbox (to fit tractors with PTO height between 45 and 55 cm) except for model 250, supplied with high PTO position gearbox (to fit tractors with PTO height between 55 and 65 cm). TECHNICAL NOTE  The bar, provided on request, is adjusted with pins or screws. It can be set to several positions, modifying the distance from the tines and the work angle. This adjustment allows an adequate setting in all working conditions, thus minimizing power absorption.

Ideal for:

  • Working with small tractors
  • Working soil in depth
  • Tillling soil in orchards and vineyards
  • Preparing seedbeds
  • Eliminating soil compacting
  • Getting the right degree of soil finishing according to specific needs

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