PEGASUS Side mulcher

HP 55-110   KW 40-81

Side mulcher

Suitable to clean ditches, road shoulders, meadows, gardens, shrubs and wood branches (ø 6÷7 cm)

Technical specifications

  • maximum horse power: 110 HP (81 KW)
  • PTO: 540 rpm 1 speed: 2278 rpm tip speed 52.5 m/s
  • transmission with 4 belts
  • 3 point hitch cat. 2 with self aligning hinge and mechanic shock absorber
  • front and upper counter-blades
  • rear roller ø 194 mm
  • side-shift and tilt (angle) adjustment with hydraulic rams
  • gearbox with freewheel safety device
  • side-skids
  • rotor (ø pipe 168 mm) with flat hammer (ø 430÷440 mm)
  • parking supports
  • double shielded box frame
  • drive shaft without safety device

Optional accessories

  • 3 blades ( 2 Y shaped blades + 1 with straight blade)
  • Drive shaft with wideangle yoke
  • Wear-proof plates for side-skids (pair)
  • Shock-absorber with pressure relief valve fitted onto side-shift ram

Ideal to:

  • Work with medium sized tractors
  • Mulch grass and prunings
  • Mulch prunings and cutting wood
  • Mulch stalks and plant residues
  • Cultivate around trees in vineyards and orchards
  • Cut grass
  • Cut grass on slopes
  • Carry equipment on the roads without risks

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