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The growth of Celli’s folding machine family knows no boundaries. These machines were designed for professional use, which requires processing wide expanses of soil.

From rotary tillers to stone buriers and power harrows, the company focuses on this market segment with innovative solutions, capable of offering robustness and reliability to operators as well as versatility and the possibility of carrying out different types of soil processing with the same machine. This happens with bed former, which today can be used in place of a rear roller for horticulture or for all cultivations that require pre-formed seeding beds.

This represents a modular solution that has met with great success in Italy and around the world, as it provides cost and time savings for the operator, as well as less fuel consumption and less invasive soil processing due to the entire operation being done in one step.

From this perspective, other folding machine solutions for organic agriculture have been successful as well, such as the Pioneer 260 P, Tiger 280 P and Super Tiger 360 P BIO. For some time now, these machines have been representing the strength of the range, which is highly valued in those markets, from Germany to Northern Europe, where much attention is given to “organic.”

In conclusion, the new EVO line, which is also continuously expanding, already includes a rotary tiller and a folding power harrow that, thanks to state-of-the-art solution designs and the use of special materials, allow the operator to reach better performance levels and longer duration compared to the predecessors.

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