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Con RHINO nel mondo delle macchine agricole 4.0

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That the wind of innovation also blows on agriculture, is shown by the evolution of a machine like the 4-meter RHINO rotary tiller, presented in absolute preview at the edition of EIMA 2016 and this year in the window at the same trade show in a definitely renewed version.

Specifically designed for the Australian market and for the large cultivated expanses present on that continent, RHINO has evolved according to the needs of the operators: hence the addition of a combined spread seeder to carry out two processes with just one machine.

The main novelty however regards the installation of a remote telemetry system for collecting and monitoring data on machine parameters, both in mechanical terms and in terms of performance (from engine oil temperature to working speeds, etc.). ); the information can thus be displayed in real-time on a device positioned on the machine itself, or directly on the tractor display, but also online, on remote control.

A useful service for owners of large lands, who can check regularly the status and performance of all the machines in their possession, but also for Celli, who can draw important indications from these data for the development of machines, beyond that for the assistance service. Not to mention that, for Italian operators, the purchase of this type of solution allows you to take advantage of tax advantage linked to the „Industry 4.0” plan.

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