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Oceania, the importance of customization

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On the other side of the world, tillage has very different rules and needs from those that characterize Italy. Celli knows this well, being a brand that has been one of the first choices in these markets for many years.

Celli has a consolidated presence in Australia and New Zealand in particular, thanks to the cooperation with important dealers able to meet the requests by the operators. Among these, one of the main concerns by the end users is the need to adequately and efficiently work on large areas and plots of land.

Celli has responded promptly, developing new machinery with increasingly important working widths. The main project is represented by EVO, which was displayed at the latest edition of Agritechnica and is designed to work with tractors of increasingly higher power (450 HP).

Based on this, new customizations designed by Celli are about to see the light: rotary tillers that reach 7 meters (and soon even 8) in width. These machines are extremely versatile and can be easily transformed, for example, into bedformers simply by replacing the cage roller with a bedformer.

By doing this, Celli wants to offer at the same time highly customized and modular solutions to allow the operators to perform different processes with a single machine.

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