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New upgrades for the Korean market

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There is a strong bond that connects Celli to Southeast Asia, especially South Korea, and dates back to more than thirty years ago. Nowadays, this special relationship is further strengthened with the design of new machinery conceived for the needs of what represents one of the Company’s main foreign markets.

Specifically, in recent months Celli R&D department has created several advanced versions of existing machinery, capable of working with higher power tractors, towards which the operators of South Korea are progressively moving.

In light of current needs and new challenges encountered, Celli has gone through the reinterpretation of consolidated solutions (such as the Ergon, Pioneer 170 and Tiger 250 fixed rotary tillers) upgrading various elements, from the frame to the hinges, up to the skids and fans. The aim of this operation is to increase the stiffness of the machines in order to make them suitable to work on hard, stony and volcanic soils, such as those of some islands.

In this way, Celli aims to increasingly cover the Korean market, which already contributes to 25% to its exports, representing one of the main foreign markets for the Company. In recent years, Celli has been selling an average 70 % of its production to export markets.

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