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Ranger con spostamento idraulico

RANGER power harrow with hydraulic side shift

Celli designers and technicians continue to study new solutions designed for specific applications or needs.

One of the latest news, previewed at the last EIMA edition, goes in this direction: the RANGER power harrow with hydraulic side shift is an evolution of the fixed version, with numerous devices, designed to facilitate the work of the operators. Specifically compared to the RANGER already present in the Celli range, the 3 point hitch has been completely redesigned, but above all a hydraulic ram for side shift has been added, which makes it easier to work the soil in the inter-row. A mechanical locking of the ram has been provided, by operating which the machine is able to work as a fixed power harrow: in this way, Celli guarantees the operator an extreme flexibility of use, suitable for different types of soil preparation.

Among other features of the new RANGER/S, the presence of front skids, while at the rear it is equipped with a leveling bar with manual adjustment; finally, there are special lower stone protectors in order to work heavier and harder soils, such as those that characterize the citrus cultures of Southern Italy, for which this upgrade was designed.

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