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Anche il re di Norvegia sceglie le frese “bio” di Celli

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Prove in Norvegia

As confirmation of the increasing penetration on the international market of Celli, and in particular of its solutions designed specifically for organic farming, the company’s machinery recently arrived up to the sovereigns of Norway. 

For its farms, King Harald V has in fact chosen Celli’s «bio» Tiller machines, and in particular the PIONEER 140 (fixed solution in the 3-meter-wide version) and the ERGON 120 (suitable for smaller-sized land), which in the last few weeks have made their debut in the «royal» fields for their first tests.

Chosen for their quality and strength, Celli solutions have not betrayed expectations, surprising customers for the ability to perfectly mix the organic mass cut, finding the right depth of work, and for the resistance to wear of the hoes. All of this, despite the extremely difficult conditions of the soil during test fields, which was not flat and full of stones, with an extremely fibrous organic mass.

Thanks to this new order, Celli strengthens its presence also on the Scandinavian market, in which the company is now a well-established player, as evidenced by the ever-increasing requests for new machinery (including folding) and participation in industry events in all the peninsula.

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