Le nostre soluzioni innovative ad Enovitis in Campo

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Enovitis in campo 2018

Celli will be present at the 2018 edition of Enovitis in Campo, scheduled for the next 21 and 22 June at Fabbrico (Re): an important event, where the company presents its flagship machinery dedicated to viticulture and tillage in the vineyard, which will be the key actors of field trials among the rows of the „Il Naviglio” farm.

In particular, solutions for tillage in the sub-line stand out, such as the MIZAR / F fixed shredder with disk and hydraulic movement controlled by a probe; but also the highly appreciated and recognized automatic side shift HV tilling machine. At Enovitis on field you can also see the Y70 spading machine, suitable for inter-row processing at deeper levels, and the MINIGO power harrow in combination with the MARTE broadcast seeder: a double processing functionality in only one tool, useful both for the preparation of the land and for the subsequent sowing.

It will thus be possible to experience the development of the company and its solutions, which is also reflected in the new technical specifications for inter-row processing: innovations that allow a minimal working of the land and the use of crop residues as compost, avoiding the use of chemical products for weeding, in full compliance with the dictates of the organic farming at which Celli pays a lot of attention.

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21 - 22 czerwca 2018


Fabbrico (RE)


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