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Spading machine

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Spading machine

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Spading machine

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Spading machine with removable axes

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Spading machine with removable axes

HP 100-190   KW 73-139 Learn more

The concept

A spading machine proves to be valuable tools for a correct soil processing in numerous situations. In particular:

  • operates smoothly and easily in extremely wet soil
  • operates up to a maximum working depth of 40 cm (60 cm models with rear rippers)
  • eliminates bottom soil hardpan, which is the layer of compacted soil found deep in the ground
  • requires low traction power and efficiently absorbs tractor power
  • does not compact the soil
  • partially places crop residue underground without completely overturning the clods
  • limits soil erosion and washes out light and steeply sloping soil, as medium size clods are left after processing is completed.


Reinforced frame
In order ensure a long-life crank mechanism, the structure that supports it must be very rigid and well built. Celli frames are welding and then processed with machine tools so that all the sizes planned during the design phase are strictly respected.

Extremely rigid rod/crank gear mechanism
The crankshaft that drives the spades is the heart of the spading machine. The individual cranks are connected by thick grooved pins. A newly designed system makes it possible to disassemble the individual rod/crank gear mechanisms independently in G190 and GR190 spading machine models. This makes maintenance operations much faster.

Gearboxes designed, built and guaranteed by Celli Anti-clogging measures
The machine shape has been optimized, taking into account the need to avoid flooding even when the ground is heavy and wet.

Two-layer processing (model GR190)
The GR190 model is unrivaled on the market: it operates up to depths of 60 cm, thanks to hydraulically controlled rear rippers. The traction force is minimal, as the soil is first processed by the spading machine up to depths of 40 cm.

Gearbox oil cooling kit (on request)
In the case of heavy working conditions, this allows the machine to avoid overheating and it extends the life of the transmission parts.

Oil lubrication
Celli’s range of professional spading machines (models Z90, G190, GR190) are completely lubricated with oil. Although more expensive than grease, this type of lubrication provides numerous advantages to the contractor or to those who make extensive use of the machines. First of all, time is saved, as oil levels only need to be checked every 50/60 hours, rather than having to grease the moving parts almost every day (and there are many parts!). Secondly, oil lubrication is more effective and guarantees greater durability of the machine rod/crank bearings, which is the real critical point of the real critical point of spading machines.

Seals to protect rod/crank gear mechanism bearings
Commonly used in earthwork machine’s tracks, they consist of waterproof steel seals that are impenetrable by both dust and water.


Easy adjustment of working parameters
the working depth can be adjusted hydraulically directly from the tractor cabin on the more professional machines (G190 and GR190 models). The various types of wheels available guarantee the necessary support for the machine in all working conditions.

Commercial aspects

Wide range of models for all power ranges.

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