DERBY Side-shift rotary tiller

HP 35-60   KW 26-44

This new side shift rotary tiller, suitable for tractors with up to 60 HP of power, has been designed paying much attention to the lateral displacement system, which is based on a sturdy central attachment that shifts on two chrome sliding shafts and is activated (manually) using a screw. In the decentralized position, this machine can easily reach terrain beneath low trees and vegetation, where the tractor can not operate due to its height limitations. Other technical machine features include those typical of Celli products: category I and II 3-point hitch, sturdy box frame structure, wide rear fan for perfect leveling, throughly tested transmission components, including lateral transmission with gears.

Technical specifications and standard equipment

  • maximum horsepower: 60 HP (44 KW)
  • side-shift: manual
  • PTO: 540 rpm 1 speed: 235 rpm
  • gear side transmission
  • L-shaped blades: 70×7 mm (6 blades each flange, side blades leaning inwards)
  • max. working depth 20 cm
  • foot stand
  • side skids
  • clutch drive shaft, S.5 L=918 mm, tractor side, 1”3/8 Z=6
  • removable safety devices

On request

  • C-shaped blades
  • Side blades leaning outwards
  • Counterplates
  • Hydraulic side-shift kit

Ideal for:

  • Working with small tractors
  • Cultivating around trees in vineyards and orchards
  • Tillling soil in orchards and vineyards
  • Preparing seedbeds
  • Eliminating soil compacting
  • Burying abundant crop residue
  • Getting the right degree of soil finishing according to specific needs
  • Carrying equipment on the roads without risks
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