TIGER 190 R (T190R) Rotary Tiller for Font Fitting

HP 100-190   KW 73-140

Technical specifications

  • maximum horsepower: 190 HP (140 KW)
  • rear PTO: 2-speed gearbox for 1000 rpm
  • gear side transmission
  • Cat. 2 and 3 3-point hitch
  • swinging front hitches
  • rear tailgate adjustment by threaded bar
  • L-shaped blades: 80×8 mm (6 blades each flange, side blades leaning inwards)
  • max. working depth 25 cm
  • side skids
  • foot stand
  • clutch drive shaft, S.10 L=1025 mm, tractor side, 1”3/8 Z=21
  • removable safety devices

On request

  • 2-speed gearbox for 1000 rpm with rear PTO
  • 4-speed gearbox for 540 rpm PTO
  • Cooling set-up
  • Oil cooling kit with radiator
  • C-shaped blades
  • Side blades leaning outwards
  • C-shaped blades or L-shaped blades 10 mm thick
  • Double flange rotor with 10 mm thick blades
  • Rotor with quick blade (10 mm thick) release system
  • Set of 2 front wheels
  • Rear metal wheel kit complete with arms and reinforced cross bar
  • Rear rubber wheel kit complete with arms and reinforced cross bar
  • Quick roller release
  • Kit for side clod shields
  • Counterplates
  • Front track eraser
  • Front sod breaking discs
  • Hydraulic kit for roller adjustment
  • Hydraulic kit for tailgate adjustment
  • Rear hydraulic hitches for seeder
  • Rotor kit for transforming the rotary tiller into a Frangor gear kit in order to transform the rotary tiller into a Frangor NB: Both kits must be ordered to be able to complete the transformation

Ideal for:

  • Working with large tractors
  • Cultivating heavy and sticky soil
  • Burying abundant crop residue

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