FORMULA 190 (F190)

Multi-purpose rotary tiller with upper body height adjustment

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FORMULA 190F (F190F)

Multi-purpose frangor with upper body height adjustment

HP 100-190   KW 73-140 Learn more


The patented height adjustment system of the box frame represents the most important feature of the Formula model. This allows the operator to adjust the space below the machine when the soil passes during processing. Four hydraulic jacks equipped with lock valves are used to make this adjustment. The possibility of adjusting the machine makes it multipurpose, as it can be used effectively in various conditions and with numerous types of terrain: improved dry soil refinement can be achieved by positioning the frame in the lowest position, while the machine can be raised to its highest position in wet conditions to avoiding flooding.


Versatility of use. Versatility is this product’s main feature. It operates smoothly both in heavy soil conditions and in hard and dry terrain. The various adjustments and design features available allow fast adaptation to extreme operating conditions. Gearbox oil cooling kit (on request). An oil cooling system is available for the main gearbox. This accessory is particularly useful when the machine is used in harsh conditions for long periods of time. The presence of an oil filter guarantees the elimination of impurities during the breaking-in phase, which lengthens the life of bearings and gears.

Commercial aspects

Spare parts availability is guaranteed for years, even after the product has been rendered obsolete.