Folding rotary tillers: version with bed former

frese pieghevoli con baulatori

P260P, T280P, ST360P, ST450P folding rotary tillers and EVO P-Tiller

Bed former upper fan
Bed former fan
Bed former wing

Rotary tillers with bed formers at work

Folding bed former version

Machine set-up for bed former and bed former wing
Hydraulic lift for bed former (standard) Fan and bed former wing threaded bar adjustment (standard) Bed former upper fan adjustment by threaded bar (standard)

On request

Fan and bed former wing hydraulic adjustment
Hydraulic bed former upper fan adjustment
NB: 5 dual effect controls must be on the tractor if 3 hydraulic systems are present (2 systems are standard)
Hardox plowshares + side guards in PE (polyethylene) – 2/3/4 beds
PE guards, bed former wing
Hardox guards, bed former wing
Fan PE guards
Hood PE guards (only at origin)

Bed standard dimensions

bed-rotary tiller standard dimensions
two rotary tiller beds

Three beds

three rotary tiller beds

Four beds

four rotary tiller beds

Personalized bed formers, optional

Contact us for personalized offers


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