Automatic side-shift rotary tiller

HP 20-40   KW 15-29 Learn more


Automatic side-shift rotary tiller

HP 40-70   KW 29-51 Learn more


Great structure rigidity (box frame, thick metal sheets)

Working width up to 230 cm (HV model)
The robust construction and the high quality standards make it possible to operate with wide working widths and large lateral overhang (220 cm from the centerline of the tractor) without any issues.

Lateral displacement on chromium-plated rod
This guarantees smooth and effortless movement and does not create stress on the machine structure.

Seals to protect rotor bearings (model HV)
Commonly used in earthwork machine’s tracks, they consist of waterproof steel seals that are impenetrable by both dust and water.

Automatic displacement mechanism tested over the years
Developed by Celli since the ’70s, it has been adopted by all manufacturers, making it the market standard. The sensor sensitivity and action speed of the hydraulic jack make it possible to operate in tight spaces and at a minimum distance from plants.

Optimal leveling of processed soil The rear fans been designed for optimal soil leveling. Critical factors, in this case, are the profile (shape), rigidity and weight.

Tested lateral gear transmission (model HV)


Fruit protection device
In models 205 and 230 of HF – HFF machines, a plastic fairing can be mounted to prevent the edge of the machine from damaging plants by operating under low foliage.

Ability to effectively process under foliage using the various versions available (model HV)
Switching from the vineyard version (model HV) to the orchard version (model HF) and decentralized orchard (model HFF) changes the working position of the machine that has not moved and, consequently, changes the maximum displacement position with respect to the centerline of the tractor.

Commercial aspects

The HV model has been a market leader for years
Over 10,000 units have been sold over the years, making it reach a level of popularity on the market that has yet to be matched. In fact, this machine has become synonymous with automatic side shift rotary tillers. It represents a real reference point for operators in the sector.

Two models make it possible to efficiently equip tractors with power ranges between 20 and 70 HP.


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