MIZAR/F Multi-purpose fixed mulcher

HP 50-90   KW 36-66

Suitable for grass, shoots and pruning (ø 6-7 cm)

Technical specifications and standard equipment

  • maximum horsepower: 90 HP (66 KW)
  • PTO: 540 rpm; 1-speed: 2,278 rpm
  • 4 belt transmission
  • front and upper counter-blades
  • rear roller ø 194 mm or steerable rubber rear wheels
  • gearbox with freewheel safety device
  • 3-point hitch that can be offset by 40 cm with 2 working positions
  • side skids
  • rotor (ø pipe 168 mm) with flat hammers (Ø 430 mm – Ø 440 mm)
  • resting foot
  • double shielded box frame
  • drive shaft without safety device

Optional accessories

  • 3 tines (2 Y-shaped blades + 1 straight blade)
  • Set of 2 steerable rubber rear wheels
  • Back cover that can be opened for maintenance operations (only at origin)
  • Rear collection spike No. of spikes required (min. – max): model 150=6 or 11, model 175=7 or 13, model 200=8 or 15, model 225=9 or 17; mod. 250=10 oR 19
  • Gearbox and centered 3-point hitch (only models 200-225-250)
  • Centered 3-point hitch (only models 200-225-250)
  • Pair of wear resistant plates for side skids

The available central hydraulic mover attachments come with a disc with a 400 – 600 – 800 diameter. NOTE: the attachments can ONLY be installed WITH THE BACK HOOD CLOSED

Attachments on request

  • Central hydraulic mover disc hydraulic system cooling with radiator
  • Central hydraulic mover kit, 400 mm/600 mm/800 mm disc diameter with tie rod tensioning
  • Central hydraulic mover kit, 600 mm double disc diameter with tie rod tensioning (except for 150)
  • Hydraulic tensioning for central hydraulic mover kit, single disc (does not apply to the feeler version)
  • Feeler for central hydraulic mover kit, single disc with hydraulic shifting

MIZAR/F with double disc for central hydraulic mover

Ideal for:

  • Working with medium sized tractors
  • Mulching grass and shoots
  • Mulching shoots and cutting wood
  • Mulching stalks and plant residue
  • Cutting grass
  • Carrying equipment on the roads without risks

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