MIRA Mulcher with pick-up

HP 40-100   KW 29-74

Mulcher with pick-up Suitable for intermediate pruning (Ø 8 cm)

Technical specifications and standard equipment

  • maximum horsepower: 100 HP (74 KW)
  • PTO: 540 rpm; 1-speed: 2,550 rpm
  • transmission with 3 belts and mod.120 transmission with 4 belts mod.140-170
  • 3-point hitch, cat. 1 and 2
  • PTO gearbox with freewheel safety device
  • rear wheels
  • protected steel rotor and roller supports
  • rotor (pipe Ø 170 mm, thickness 10 mm) with smooth hammers (Ø 410 mm)
  • pick up rotor (Ø pipe 140 mm, thickness 8 mm) work diameter (Ø 450 mm)
  • drive shaft without safety device
  • hydraulic pick-up transmission
  • side conveyors
  • lower counter blade
  • rear cover that can be opened for maintenance operations

Optional accessories

  • Rear roller Ø 220 mm in place of the wheels
  • Finger assembly selector – rake

Mira Diagram

1 – Pick-up

A hydraulic transmission is used. Lifting teeth in wearproof material are provided. It includes a rotor with a large diameter supported by two robust flange supports provided with large self-lubricating oscillating bearings.

2 – Rotor

The oversized rotor (d. 170 mm) and automatic hammer expansion permit a very large cutting diameter (d. 410 mm). It is placed inside the two supports with the self-lubricating adjustable bearings.

3 – Shredding cage

The shredding cage is placed at the rear of the machine and is raised 10 cm from the ground. It allows optimal shredding so that the vine branches coming out of the very thick calibrated grill decompose quickly and completely. Use of the shredding cage permits less hammer wear.

4 – Adjustable finger assembly counter blade

An adjustable finger assembly counter blade, placed below the cage, optimizes shredding even more.

5-6 Hydraulic pick-up transmission


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