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At EIMA with new combined solutions for saving resources

27 October 2022

At a time when costs, from raw materials to energy, are a major issue for the world of agriculture, research […]

New partnerships bloom for a broader international presence

4 May 2022

With export that today accounts for between 70 to 75% of revenue (with an additional increase of 4% compared to […]

The folding machine range continues to grow

29 April 2022

The growth of Celli’s folding machine family knows no boundaries. These machines were designed for professional use, which requires processing […]

Trade Shows are starting up again: Celli will be there!

8 April 2022

Eima 2022 will represent a new start of trade shows in the agricultural sector. Shows offer the possibility of displaying […]

The range of vineyard machines expands with EV

13 December 2021

Expand the range of solutions for processing soil in vineyards, with a machine able to operate with tractors that, despite […]

IDRA, a new mulching solution

13 December 2021

After last year’s “virtual” preview, it finally made its official debut “in a real form” at the latest edition of […]

Six months of impressive growth on export markets

2 July 2021

Export sales represent the main share – around 70% – of Celli total turnover since longtime. During the first semester […]

Celli grows up in Poland

4 March 2021

Celli continues to establish itself in Poland, a rapidly developing market and a very extensive country, characterized by a heterogeneous […]

Soil preparation and seeding, all in one machine

8 February 2021

Multifunctionality is today one of Celli’s watchwords, which increasingly follows this direction for the development of its range: machinery capable […]

Celli solutions are… 4.0

28 January 2021

Performance, sustainability, cost-efficiency. Many farmers are now choosing 4.0 solutions in agriculture in order to meet these advantages. Considering its […]

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