For optimal cultivation of artichokes

By paying close attention to the market’s needs and the operators, Celli is able to design solutions dedicated to specific crops.
This is the case, among the latest, of the new PIONEER 140 DD, an evolution of the rotary tiller already in the company catalogue, specifically designed for the soil preparation of artichokes.
Presented at the last edition of EIMA, this machine offers innovation and technical features designed precisely to facilitate the work of farmers, both in Italy and abroad, who need to work the inter-row in the presence of crop.

The PIONEER 140 DD, in fact, is equipped with a double gear transmission and a double front rotor, to obtain two independent processes; a central empty space to facilitate the passage of the machine in the row of artichokes, without damaging the plants.



Also for this purpose, the machine is equipped with front track eraser and two extended side plates that further protect the central strip from the two side elements where the processing takes place. Finally, at the rear, the PIONEER 140 DD has two separate tailgates with variable geometry, to precisely level the soil after having worked it.

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