Celli’s tillage respects the environment

Organic farming, that is the set of experience and solutions aimed at respecting the soil characteristics and the environment, is today a phenomenon that cannot be ignored: Celli among the first, has studied progresses in this direction, for which excellent results continue to arrive, particularly in Northern Europe and in the United States. 

The company, thanks to a long-lasting experience in the production of Tilling machines, has in fact developed mechanical solutions that allow a minimal working of the soil, and at the same time to use the cut as compost, preparing the action for the seeder. Also in a “bio” perspective, Celli is investing considerable resources in the construction of increasingly powerful machineries, able to reduce the time required for processing, thus reducing environmental impact also in terms of consumption.

The TIGER 190 BIO Tilling machine stands out among the latest solutions,  a model that comes from the “traditional” version, on which some technical improvements have been made to obtain an extremely precise and uniform regulation of the cutting depth, to preserve the “natural” effect of the creation of the compost and to cut the weeds very clearly and precisely at the root, so that they do not grow back (without using chemical herbicides).



The Celli production for organic farming also includes other fixed tilling machines such as the PIONEER 140 BIO, the ERGON 120 and the TIGER 250, to which folding versions are added such as the PIONEER 260 P, the TIGER 280 P and the SUPER TIGER 360 P: a constantly evolving range , in order to meet the needs of professionals all over the world.

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