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With RHINO in the world of agricultural machines 4.0

19 December 2018

That the wind of innovation also blows on agriculture, is shown by the evolution of a machine like the 4-meter […]


Combined and modular solutions for more efficient soil preparation

15 November 2018

Solutions suitable for different types of soil and preparation have been part of the Celli range for some time; but […]


CELLI’s bedformers, innovation for farmers

12 October 2018

The innovation is an ongoing process, which requires listening to the market and to the needs of the farmers even […]

sommet 2018

Celli solutions also conquer France

12 October 2018

They were solutions designed for the international market, the flagship of Celli at Sommet de l’Elevage, one of the main […]

Prove in Norvegia

The king of Norway also chooses Celli’s “bio” Tillers

13 June 2018

As confirmation of the increasing penetration on the international market of Celli, and in particular of its solutions designed specifically […]


Celli’s tillage respects the environment

13 June 2018

Organic farming, that is the set of experience and solutions aimed at respecting the soil characteristics and the environment, is […]