Side Shift Rotary Tillers


Side-shift rotary tiller

HP 15-30   KW 11-22 Learn more


Side-shift rotary tiller

HP 20-40   KW 15-29 Learn more


Side-shift rotary tiller

HP 20-40   KW 15-29 Learn more


Side-shift rotary tiller

HP 35-60   KW 26-44 Learn more


Side-shift rotary tiller

HP 40-70   KW 29-51 Learn more

Technical specifications

Main frame very rigid, thanks to the box section and to thick steel sheets

Side shift mechanism through a chrome-vanadium front bar (DERBY and BV models)
This feature allows a smooth side-shift and does not generate stress to the frame.

Oil bath thrust sealing system for a perfect protection of rotor bearings (Derby and BV models)
These thrust steel seals are water and dust proof, and they are usually used for crawlers tracks of industrial machines

Extensively tested side transmission with gears (DERBY and BV models)

Working width up to 230 cm (BV model)
The robust construction and the high quality standards allow to work with large working widths and with significant side off-set, up to 220 cm from the tractor centre line.

Optimal levelling of the tilled soil
The rear tailgates have been designed to allow a better soil levelling. The most important specifications of the tailgates are the shape, rigidity and weight.


Possibility to effectively work below trees by using the various versions available (BV model)
The vineyard version (BV), the orchard version (BF) or the orchard off-set version for trees with large foliage (BFF) are 3 versions of the same machine. The only difference between these 3 models is the position of the machine when not side-shifted, therefore the position of maximum side shift compared to the centre line of the tractor.

Commercial points

The BV model is the benchmark in this segment of rotary tillers since many years
More than 5000 units have been sold over the years, and it is by far the most popular side-shift model on the market.

5 models available
These 5 models can perfectly fit tractors from 15 to 70 HP.