Rotary Tillers and Frangors: Formula version

FORMULA 190 (F190)

Multi-purpose rotary tiller with upper body height adjustment

HP 100-190   KW 73-140 Learn more

FORMULA 190F (F190F)

Multi-purpose frangor with upper body height adjustment

HP 100-190   KW 73-140 Learn more

Please see the standard specification for Rotary Tillers and Frangors.

Technical specifications

FORMULA version is a new system which has been patented by CELLI. Its main feature consists in the height adjustment of the main body, thus to allow to adjust its clearance with the rotor blades.
This adjustment can be with mechanical system or with 4 hydraulic rams equipped with safety bloc valves.
For this feature the FORMULA version can be considered as multipurpose units (Frangors and Rotary Tillers), making them suitable for any type of applications: when positioning the main body down, closer to blades rotor, a finer soil tillage is assured, whilst when lifting the main frame up, we can till the wettest soil without any risk of jamming.


Large variety of applications
All FORMULA units are extremely versatile. They can work in very heavy soil, or hard and dry soil, with abundant crop residues, as primary and secondary tillage.
Their adjustments and settings are easily made to suit various and extreme working conditions
Optional accessories.
Like standard Rotary Tillers and Frangors, also FORMULA version can be offered with a large selection of accessories (oil cooling kit, rear rollers, seed-drill hitches, etc.) which allow a perfect fit to any work conditions and applications.

Commercial points

Formula version is the perfect answer for those farmers who must work in various (and variable) soil conditions. Until now the only answer was to have 2 different type of machines (standard clearance and High Clearance), now with Formula version we have one unit suitable for all applications.
CELLI motto “whatever it will be, it will be a good season” perfectly suits Formula units.