ERGON 120 (N120) Fixed rotary Tiller

HP 60-120   KW 44-88

The new Celli range for medium horsepower tractors

ERGON 120: no comparison with other machines of same category!

1) The side transmission by gears ensures the maximum reliability in the most difficult working conditions.

2) The Ergon 120 features a sturdy box frame, nearly unbendable; a generously proportioned three point hitch; a bladeholder rotorshaft built using high quality steel; a tailgate built using an S-shaped thick plate for an ideal level of soil refinement.

3) The special metal seals used by Celli to protect the rotorshaft bearings enable the user to work in extreme conditions without any problem. The standard machine is used in rice fields and its components have proved their reliability in water and mud working.

4) The front swinging linkages (not available for models 155 and 180), designed to operate on uneven soil, enable to go above obstacles that might cause damages if hit during the work.


  • maximum horse power: 120 HP (88 KW)
  • PTO: 540 rpm
    with 4 speed gearbox (up to model 180)
    No. of teeth: 16-19 = 218 rpm; 15-20 = 245 rpm
    20-15 = 138 rpm; 19-16 = 155 rpm
  • PTO: 1000 rpm
    with 2 speed gearbox (from model 205)
    No. of teeth: 21-14 = 227 rpm; 20-15 = 254 rpm
  • side drive: gears
  • 3 point hitch cat.2
  • swinging lower linkages (from model 205)
  • rear tailgate adjustment by chain
  • L-shaped blades: 80×7 mm (6 blades each flange, side blades leaning inwards)
  • working depth about 25 cm
  • side-skids
  • parking support
  • drive shaft with clutch
  • removable safety devices

Optional accessories

  • 2 speed gearbox for 1000 rpm with rear PTO
  • Oil cooling kit with radiator
  • Oil cooling kit for gearbox with radiator
  • C-shaped blades
  • Side blades leaning outwards
  • Rotor with equidistant blades
  • Set of 2 front wheels*
  • Rear metal wheels kit complete with arms and support bar*
  • Off-set version
  • Rear tailgate, Frangor version
  • Quick roller release
  • Counterplates (1 kit each flange)
  • Front track eraser
  • Hydraulic kit for roller adjustment
  • Threaded bar kit for tailgate adjustment
  • Hydraulic kit for tailgate adjustment
  • Front sod breaking discs
  • Kit for side clod shields
  • Wear-proof plates kit
  • Rotor kit to transform rotary tiller into frangor (supplied at a later time)
  • Gear kit to transform rotary tiller into frangor (supplied at a later time)
    NOTE: To obtain the transformation, both kits must be ordered

*When fitted at origin, please deduct for skids

Ideal to:

  • Work with large tractors
  • Cultivate heavy and sticky soil
  • Work soil in depth
  • Prepare seedbeds
  • Break the hardest soil
  • Get rid of soil compaction
  • Bury abundant crop residues
  • Get the right soil refinement

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