TIGER 280PF (T280PF) Folding frangor

HP 180-280   KW 132-206



  • maximum horse power: 280 HP (206 KW)
  • PTO: 2-speed gearbox for 1000 rpm
    No. of teeth: 18-27 = 340 rpm; 19-26 = 375 rpm
  • side drive: gears
  • 3 point hitch cat.3
  • swinging front linkages
  • central blade
  • rear tailgates, adjustment by threaded bar
  • cage roller ø 500 mm adjustment by hydraulic rams
  • spikes: 30×30 mm L=170 mm
  • max. working depth 20 cm
  • side drive shafts with automatic safety device
  • central drive shaft
  • rear lights for road transport
  • removable safety devices


  • 2 speed gearbox for 1000 rpm PTO
    No. of teeth: 20-25 = 410 rpm; 17-28 = 310 rpm
  • Oil cooling kit for central gearbox with reservoir
  • Oil cooling kit for side gearbox with reservoir
  • Straight tines rotor
  • Tooth 30X30 mm Average L 195 mm
  • Rear rollers
  • Floating system kit
  • Front sod breaking discs
  • 2 point hitch cat.3
  • Extended swinging lower linkages cat. 3
  • Front track eraser (1 tine) for half unit only
  • Front track eraser (2 tines) for half unit only
  • Hydraulic kit for tailgates adjustment
  • Rotor kit to transform frangor into rotary tiller
    Gear kit to transform frangor into rotary tiller
    NOTE: To obtain the transformation, both kits must be ordered


The folding rotary tillers Tiger 280P are HC (High Clearance) machines: they are characterised by a wide gap between the blades and the bottom of the main frame. This feature allows to avoid soil build-up effects even in difficult conditions (on sticky soils or in case of abundant crop residues) as well as to limit the required horsepower and therefore the operational costs.

1) The central frame is a critical feature of all folding units. That’s why Celli has developed a special heavy-duty central frame which has no rivals in the market. Its design ensures a long-lasting high resistance to torsional stress and consequently a top-quality performance of the drive gears.

2) The structure of the two side units is equally sturdy and extremely tested.

3) The drive gears have been long tested under the most different working conditions, since most of them derive from the highly successful Celli rotary tillers series Tiger 190.

4) An exclusive feature of Celli folding rotary tillers is the very small gap (5 mm wide) at the centre, between the two side units, which was specifically designed to avoid a typical problem of folding machines: the track which is often left at the back on tilled soil, due to the central gap between the two side tillers. Furthermore, the machines are equipped with two front, well-shaped tines, which help to till and shift the soil sideways.

5) The rotors have undergone extensive field-testing in the most difficult working conditions all over the world.

6) The rear rollers are generously dimensioned – cage rollers: 500 mm, packer rollers: 550 mm, so that they can guarantee a regular work and a perfect levelling effect even on wet soils.

7) The rear rollers adjustment is carried out through four hydraulic rams, which allow to vary the working depth directly without interruptions.

8) The tailgates are specifically designed to allow a wide range of adjustments and to ensure an ideal performance of the machine on all soil conditions.

9) The standard machines are equipped with a hydraulic tailgates adjustment, through which the soil refinement level can be easily controlled during work. This adjustment system includes a spring shock absorber.

10) Like all Celli folding machines, this model is fitted with safety stop valves on the hydraulic rams, in order to prevent it from falling over, when folding and unfolding the side units, in case the oil pipes collapse.

11) When the unit is folded, the safety clamps automatically lock the machines upright. When the operator needs to unfold the tiller, the safety clamps can be hydraulically released from the tractor seat.

12) Double flanges and thicker blades can be mounted on request on the rotors. They are particularly useful when the machine is operated on stony or extremely hard soils.

13) The Tiger 280P is equipped with III cat. swinging arms, which ensure the rigidity necessary to safely manoeuvre the machine both on the field and in folded position on the street.

Ideal to:

  • Work with tractors above 190 HP
  • Work in rocky soil
  • Work soil in depth
  • Prepare large fields in short time
  • Break the hardest soil
  • Get rid of soil compaction
  • Carry equipment on the roads without risks

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