S. TIGER 360PF (T360PF) Folding frangor

HP 200-360   KW 147-264


450 PS -optional-


  • maximum horse power: 360 HP (264 KW)
  • PTO: 2-speed gearbox for 1000 rpm
    No. of teeth: 18-27 = 340 rpm; 19-26 = 375 rpm
  • side drive: gears
  • 3 point hitch cat.3
  • swinging front linkages
  • central blade
  • rear tailgates, adjustment by hydraulic rams
  • cage rollers ø 500 mm adjustment by hydraulic rams
  • spikes: 30×30 mm L=170 mm
  • max. working depth 22 cm
  • side drive shafts with automatic safety device S.10
  • central drive shaft S.12
  • rear lights for road transport
  • removable safety devices


  • 2 speed gearbox for 1000 rpm PTO
    No. of teeth: 20-25 = 410 rpm; 17-28 = 310 rpm
  • Oil cooling kit for central gearbox with reservoir
  • Oil cooling kit for side gearbox with reservoir
  • Gearbox 450 HP with oil cooling
  • Hitch with 4-ram lifting (mod.550-600)
  • Tooth 30X30 mm Average L 195 mm
  • Straight tines rotor
  • Rear rollers
  • Floating system kit
  • Extended swinging lower linkages cat. 3
  • Front sod breaking discs
  • Front track eraser (1 tine) for half unit only
  • Front track eraser (2 tines) for half unit only
  • Rotor kit to transform frangor into rotary tiller
    Gear kit to transform frangor into rotary tiller
    NOTE: To obtain the transformation, both kits must be ordered

The Frangor version is ideal for seedbed preparation, when a thorough refinement is required.

It differs from the rotary hoe version in the following features:

  • Rotorshaft fitted with either spikes or straight tines, in order to get an accurate finishing of the soil. The rotating speed of the tools is higher than in rotary hoes.
  • Articulated swinging rear flaps, adjustable in several different working positions.

Ideal to:

  • Work with tractors above 190 HP
  • Work in rocky soil
  • Work soil in depth
  • Prepare large fields in short time
  • Break the hardest soil
  • Get rid of soil compaction
  • Carry equipment on the roads without risks

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