Folding Rotary Tillers and Frangors

ERGON 200P (N200P)

Folding rotary tiller

HP 120-200   KW 88-146 Learn more

ERGON 200PF (N200PF)

Folding frangor

HP 120-200   KW 88-146 Learn more

PIONEER 260P (P260P)

Folding rotary tiller

HP 150-260   KW 110-190 Learn more


Folding frangor

HP 150-260   KW 110-190 Learn more

TIGER 280P (T280P)

Folding rotary tiller

HP 180-280   KW 132-206 Learn more

TIGER 280PF (T280PF)

Folding frangor

HP 180-280   KW 132-206 Learn more

S. TIGER 360P (T360P)

Folding rotary tiller

HP 200-360   KW 147-264 Learn more

S. TIGER 360PF (T360PF)

Folding frangor

HP 200-360   KW 147-264 Learn more

Please also see the strong points described for the fixed rotary tillers and Frangors.


Technical specifications

Rigidity of the main frame

The rigidity of the main frame is extremely important to guarantee folding units reliability and long life. The torsion, especially at the ends of the machine, is very significant and it usually is the main cause for a rapid deterioration of the machine.

Central frames

Each folding unit is made of 2 side units and 1 central frame. The central frame is made on purpose for each model, depending on the torque it is supposed to bear. The 2 side units are kept into position by the central frame with pins of large diameter, coupled to bushes which are cemented and heat treated.

“NO GAP” design

The most serious problem for folding machines with a horizontal axis is the strip of un-tilled soil left between the 2 units. Celli has managed to solve this problem almost completely by reducing the gap in the middle of the 2 coupled side units to a few millimetres, by designing special side plates and special rotors.

“HC” concept

The Tiger series have been specifically designed to have as much space as possible (“High Clearance”) between the frame and the working components (blades, knives or spikes). This feature minimise the possibility of jamming even in heavy soils and also when crop residues are abundant.Furthermore faster working speed and higher working depth can be achieved, thus increasing the yield per hour.

Transmission with 3 reduction gearboxes

The solution adopted by CELLI guarantees an adequate reduction ratio without over-loading the side drive shafts: the central gearbox works as a diverting drive, whilst most of the drive reduction takes place in the side gearboxes. An extra drive reduction takes place in the side transmission.

Rear rollers of large diameter

They guarantee excellent soil levelling and proper machine “floating” even in light soil conditions.



High quality blades rotors

Manufactured with very thick pipes onto which high quality flanges are welded (Fe 510 or wear-less steel OX 812). In the production line automatic welding machines optimise welding operations and assure good specifications: hardness of the materials and their resistance to shocks are perfectly balanced.

High quality spikes rotors

Manufactured with very thick pipes onto which are welded high quality flanges straight knives rotors) or forged supports spike rotors). CELLI can say that its automatic welding machines optimise welding operations and assure good specifications: hardness of the material and its resistance to shocks are perfecly balanced. Two Frangor rotors are available: a spikes and a straight tines rotor. The spikes rotor is very versatile, and it effectively works in dry-hard soil as well as in wet soil. It doesn’t fear stones and usually it absorbs less power than straight tines rotor. Straight tines rotor s recommended when maximum soil efinement is required. It performs better n dry soil and it absorb more power than spikes rotor.

Reduced power absorption

The special design of blades and Frangor rotors, the helicoidal timing if respective tools, the design of the tools themselves, all these technical features contribute to reduce power absorption and vibrations, allowing a better performance of the machines.


Versatility of application

The standard characteristic of CELLI machines is their versatility. They can easily be used both in wet heavy soil as well as in dry hard soil. Their adjustments and their technical specifications allow quick adaptability to changing working conditions.

Versatility of application

Frangor models equipped with spikes rotors can easily work both in dry hard soil and n wet heavy soil, with no risk of jamming. They are resistant to stones and they also offer a good soil crumbling whilst requiring ow horse power.

2 rotating speeds always available

All models are equipped with side gearboxes with 2 rotation speeds, which can be easily changed within minutes simply by inverting the gears.

Oil cooling kit (optional)

All folding units can be equipped with an oil cooling kit, which allows to work in difficult conditions for long non-stop period, without any risk of damage for the transmission gears in the central gearbox. The oil filter preserves the oil quality and viscosity, thus extending bearings and gears life.

Rapidity of commissioning and adjustment

It takes just a few seconds to open and to fold the machine, as well as other adjustment operations, and all of them can be carried out from the tractor’s cabin.

Reasonable weight for transport on public roads

The total weight of machines, especially bigger ones, should not exceed reasonable limits, so that they can be transported on public roads without any problem. Therefore, the reliability of a machine must be sought through optimised sizing and quality materials.

Commercial points

Special attention to safety aspects

The machines are lifted by very strong hydraulic jacks equipped with block valves. Once they have been folded, they are blocked by mechanical safety locks. Then, prior to transport, a further mechanical locking device can be manually activated.

High productivity

The array of solutions available allow to choose the ideal machine needed for each specific work, always keeping the max yield per hour in relation to the machine power.

The widest range of folding models today available on the market.