Fixed rotary Tillers


Fixed rotary Tiller

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Fixed rotary Tiller

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Fixed rotary Tiller

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Fixed rotary Tiller

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Fixed rotary Tiller

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Fixed rotary Tiller

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Fixed rotary Tiller

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Fixed rotary Tiller

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Technical specifications

Rigidity of the unit (main body of double shielded box frame, very thick steel sheets).
One of the most important technical specifications of all CELLI rotary tillers is the very robust and rigid structure, which keeps its shape even after many years of work, allowing a perfect support to transmission parts. All CELLI rotary tillers are supplied with a double shielded box frame made of thick steels sheets, reinforced with a front square bar, welded on the 3 point hitch and on the side transmission box.

Oil bath thrust sealing system for a perfect protection of rotor bearings
These thrust steel seals are commonly used in industrial application (ie. the crawler track of earth moving equipment) and are dust and water proof. It is notorious that the rotor bearings of soil tillage implements with horizontal axle are critical components which must bear severe loads in very difficult working conditions. CELLI always protects rotor bearings with a special oil bath thrust sealing which is derived from industrial applications (with the exception of AG, BA, F/BA and Start models). These seals are made of 2 steel discs which rotate one against the other, thus generating a vacuum which doesn’t allow even the smallest spec of dust or water to get in contact with the rotor bearings. This system has proved its effectiveness with thousands of units working in the wettest conditions, such as rice fields.

Rear tailgates
Rear tailgates have been designed to allow a better soil levelling. CELLI tailgates are made of very thick steel sheets, shaped into form, hinged to the top.

Side transmission with gears (with the exception of Start and FBA models, which have chain side-transmission)

Gearboxes designed, manufactured and guaranteed by CELLI

High quality blades rotors
Manufactured with very thick pipes onto which high quality flanges are welded (Fe 510 or wear-less steel OX 812). In the production line automatic welding machines optimise welding operations and assure good specifications: hardness of materials and their resistance to shocks are perfectly balanced.

Optimisation of power absorption
Power absorption and therefore vibrations are reduced to minimum, thanks to the unique design of the rotor, the sequence and arrangement of the blades as well as their technical specifications, thus allowing a perfect functioning of the machines.
Ideal soil levelling
Rear tailgates are designed to deliver a perfect soil levelling. Cue factors are: shape, rigidity and weight.


Versatility of application
The standard characteristic of CELLI rotary tillers is their versatility. They can be easily used both in wet/heavy soil as well as in dry/hard soil. Their adjustments and their technical specifications allow quick adaptability to changing working conditions.

Commercial points

A wide range of models suitable for any tractors power

Range recently renewed
Almost all models shown in this catalogue have been introduced or up-dated in recent years, developing technical specifications which have been fully tested, with thousands of units sold world-wide.

Spare parts available for many years even after the stop of production of the series
Celli is still able to supply the most important parts for its first model manufactured in 1955, which was last manufactured over 33 years ago.