MAXI P Folding power harrow

HP 180-350   KW 132-255

Folding power harrow

(450 HP -optional -)

The MAXI P is the top of the Celli range of folding power harrows and is suitable to tractors up to 350 HP maximum.

Some typical Celli solutions have been adopted at technical level:

  1. A box shaped welded frame (gearbed). Thanks to its rigidity this type of frame guarantee perfect alignment of all the transmission parts in all working conditions.
  2. A robust central hitch, necessary on such a machine to maintain adequate performance and high level of safety for the operators over the years.

In comparison with other Celli products the MAXI P features a number of improvements and innovative details:

  • Well proportioned, high quality transmission components (thick one-piece rotors and hardened gears kept together by strong self-locking nuts);
  • Completely redesigned bottom area in order to make it more resistent to wearing and improve the soil flow through the machine (double lips oil seals + external protecting groove; bottom housings made of forged steel);
  • Innovative bottom stone guards (L-shaped thick plates welded onto the frame + complete bolted cover).

Technical specifications

  • maximum horse power: 350 HP (255 KW)
  • PTO: 2-speed gearbox for 1000 rpm
    No. of teeth: 17-22 = 357 rpm; 18-21 = 396 rpm
  • 3 point hitch cat.3
  • swinging front linkages
  • rollers with adjustment by pins combined to the leveling bar
  • rear levelling bar adjustment by threaded bar
  • tines 100x18x320 mm: working depth about 33 cm
  • tines low power absorbtion
  • movable side plates
  • side drive shafts with automatic safety device
  • central drive shaft
  • rear lights for road transport
  • removable safety protections
  • cooler for side gearboxes with reservoir

Optional accessories

  • Oil cooling kit for central gearbox
  • Stone protectors kit for round rotor
  • Front track eraser
  • Wheel track eradicator tine
  • Gearbox 450 HP with oil cooling
  • Floating system kit
  • Central track eraser tool
  • Rear rollers
  • Hydraulic lift for rollers
  • Hitch with 4-ram lifting (mod.600-700)
  • Two side drive shafts with shear bolt

Ideal to:

  • Work with large tractors
  • Work with tractors above 190 HP
  • Cultivate heavy and sticky soil
  • Work in rocky soil
  • Work soil in depth
  • Prepare large fields in short time
  • Prepare seedbeds
  • Get rid of soil compaction
  • Get the right soil refinement
  • Carry equipment on the roads without risks
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