Rotary Power Harrows


Folding power harrow

HP 100-160   KW 73-117 Learn more


Folding power harrow

HP 130-210   KW 96-154 Learn more


Folding power harrow

HP 160-260   KW 118-192 Learn more


Folding power harrow

HP 180-350   KW 132-255 Learn more

Please also see the strong points described for the fixed power harrows.

Technical specifications

Stiffness of the main frame (welded gear-bed)
The stiffness of the mainframe is extremely important for the reliability and time life of folding units. The torsional stress, especially at the ends, are really important. CELLI fixed power harrows are extremely stiff and they do not require side reinforcement bars, therefore they can be easily coupled to make folding units.

Central frames
Each folding unit is made of 2 side units and 1 central frame. The central frame is made on purpose for each model, depending to the torque it is supposed to bear. The 2 side units are kept by the central frame with pins of large diameter, coupled to bushes which are cemented and heat treated.

Rear rollers of large diameter
They guarantee excellent soil levelling and proper machine “floating” even in light soil conditions.


Rapidity of commissioning and adjustment
It takes just a few seconds to open and to fold the machine, as well as other adjustment operations, and all of them can be carried out from the tractor’s cabin.

Tines quick release system (optional for Energy/P)
CELLI tines quick release system is easy and reliable, and it reduces time to replace tines. Furthermore CELLI tines used for quick release system are the standard ones with 3 holes (which can be fitted with nuts and bolts when necessary).

Oil cooling kit (optional)
Many CELLI folding power harrows can be equipped with an oil cooling kit, which allows to work in difficult conditions for long non-stop period, without any risk for the transmission gears in the central gearbox. The oil filter preserves the oil quality and viscosity, thus extending bearings and gears life.

Special attention to safety aspects
The machines are lifted by very strong hydraulic jacks equipped with block valves. Once they have been folded, they are blocked by mechanical safety locks. Then, prior to transport, a further mechanical locking device can be manually activated.

Reasonable weight for transport on public roads
The total weight of machines, especially bigger ones, should not exceed reasonable limits, so that they can be transported on public roads without any problem. Therefore, the reliability of a machine must be sought through optimised sizing and quality materials.

Commercial points

Widest range of models today available in the market
The folding power harrows range has been completely up-dated in the last 2 years.

High productivity
The array of solutions available allow to choose the ideal machine needed for each specific work, always keeping the max yield per hour in relation to the machine power.