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Fixed power harrow

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Fixed power harrow

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Fixed power harrow

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Fixed power harrow

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Fixed power harrow

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Technical specifications

Welded gear-bed (box shield frame)
One of the most important technical specification of CELLI power harrows is the welded gear-bed. This design offers the maximum resistance to torsional stress, thus to guarantee the proper alignment and ideal meshing of the gears inside the gear-bed. Although the production of this design is expensive, the welded gear-bed allows longer life to the inside gears. Furthermore, thanks to this design, it is not necessary to fit side reinforcement bars from the 3 point hitch to the implement ends, and this is particularly appreciable in folding units, where side reinforcement bars cannot be fitted.

Competitors who manufacture conventional bolted gear-bed usually say that repairs for welded gear-bed units are difficult and time consuming.
This is absolutely not true, because the components which need to be removed during repairs of CELLI units are very few, namely just the side plates. There is no need to remove the 3 point hitch, or the central gearbox, or the accessories fitted onto the frame of the machine (roller adjustment, levelling bar, etc.). When the damaged component (bearing, rotor-shaft, gear etc.) which need to be replaced in CELLI units is at the end side, the dismounting and re-fitting only takes a few minutes, whilst conventional power harrows with bolted gear-bed need to be completely dismounted.

Very thick steel sheets

One-piece forged rotor-shafts

Well spaced rotor bearings position
Bearings well spaced apart allow an ideal parallelism of the rotor even under severe load.

Extra lubrication for upper rotor bearings
The steel protections of upper bearings may reduce the oil flow from the bottom of the gear-bed, that is why Celli offers an extra grease lubrication from the top.

Rotors properly spaced
It is now proved that 25 cm is the ideal distance between rotors because it allows a good soil crumbling whilst the risk of jamming is reduced when the soil is wet.

Rotor-shafts timing
After many years of tests, the differentiated rotor-shafts timing has proved to reduce the vibrations during the soil tillage. Also it reduces the possibility of stones jamming.

Gearboxes designed, manufactured and guaranteed by CELLI

Effective side plates
Very simple, robust and space saving.

Effective stone protectors
They can be removed when not required and also can be easily replaced when worn-out.

Robust levelling bars
Very rigid bars, easy to adjust with threaded jack and equipped with spring load mechanism (with the exception of the GO series).

Quality rear rollers
Available in various diameter and manufactured with quality and thick steel.


Gears replacement
When a gear inside the gear-bed needs to be replaced, the time needed is on average the same as for traditional bolted gear-bed.

Tines quick release system (optional for Laser and Energy)
CELLI tines quick release system is easy and reliable, and it reduces time to replace tines. Furthermore CELLI tines used for quick release system are the standard ones with 3 holes (which can be fitted with nuts and bolts when necessary).

Oil cooling kit (optional)
Many CELLI power harrows models can be equipped with an oil cooling kit, which allows to work in difficult conditions for long non-stop period, without any risk for the transmission gears in the central gearbox. The oil filter preserves the oil quality and viscosity, thus extending bearings and gears life.

Central gearbox can be easily removed for repairs

Hydraulic rams for rear rollers adjustments (optional)

Commercial points

The widest range of models today available on the market

Good value for second hand units
The welded gear-bed is almost non-deformable, therefore the gear-meshing and alignment is guaranteed even after many years of work.

Spare parts always available
Celli machines are constantly up-dated. During the years we managed to set an efficient spare parts system which allow to keep spare parts available even after many years after the stop of the production of the series